Rock Hall Beach

Rock Hall’s Ferry Park is a small town swimming beach that shines at night, with magnificent sunsets across the Chesapeake Bay and a great view of Baltimore’s sparkling lights on the opposite side of the Bay. 

The Rock Hall beach was once a ferry landing across from the city of Baltimore before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was built.

Rock Hall, MD, town swimming beach
Rock Hall’s beach, locally known as Ferry Beach (Photos by Jake Scheuer)

It’s now a small town beach with an equally small boardwalk.

Parking is in front of the beach facing a walkway sprinkled with a few benches that stretches in front of the block-long parking lot.

A couple gazebos are perched on the grassy end of the beach, but it’s a small picnic area.

It has no lifeguard or facilities, although there is a port-potty.

No dogs are allowed.

A number of small homes face the beach on the other side of Beach Road, so they require a respectful level of noise.

Rock Hall is a quiet place, except for Pirates and Wenches Fantasy Weekend in the Fall. That’s when the beach fills up with hundreds of people dressed as pirates.

They gather to watch dinghies, made to look like pirate boats, storm the beach.

Rock Hall Pirates Weekend
Rock Hall’s beach being invaded during Pirates’ weekend

Ferry Beach is protected from Chesapeake Bay waves and erosion by rock jetties (sections of rock in a long pile). However, there’s no protection from jellyfish starting in about mid-summer.

There’s parking for about 20 cars and the beach is free. Normally, the beach fills with families. But be aware there are no shops or convince stores nearby. Those are in town about a mile away.

If you do go into town, you’ll find a grocery store and, down Mainstreet, a couple ice cream shops. But the traditional stop is Durdings, where they still have a soda counter.

Durding's Store, Rock Hall, MD
The ice cream counter at Durding’s Store in Rock Hall. They still scoop ice cream there and serve sandwiches.



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