Solomons Island

“Solomon’s Island is where people go to not be seen” – an island resident

There’s simply not much at Solomons. But that’s what draws people. A lot of people.

The island is a major stop along the Chesapeake Bay summer sailing/power boating circuit and a go-to spot for weekend boating parties.

The town of 2,300 swells to 10,000 on summer weekends and 15,000 on major holidays. Solomons Island is a place to just hang-out, on shore or privately on your boat.

Solomons is on about two square miles of land that hooks into the river, creating a natural harbor for ships entering Patuxent River from the Chesapeake Bay.

It’s an island due to a water canal cut through a narrow part of the land that’s used to control water-flow and tidal currents.

Solomons Island, MD Tide Box
This is the tide box that connects the river to Back Creek and making Solomons an island. It lets the water change with the tide. A small bridge goes over the far side of the box.

The island’s main road runs along the Patuxent River with a boardwalk on one side and shops, smaller restaurants and homes on the other side of the road.

The town has squeezed out all the parking it can along the boardwalk, with spots marked off everywhere possible, but it’s still not enough in the summer, especially on holiday weekends.

The locals have developed the term “bar-cycles,” instead of bicycles, because cycling is the best way to get around the island.

Bicycles on Solomons Island
Cycling is a popular mode of transportation on Solomons Island. Parking is limited and many people come by boat. Bikes are available for rent.

There are three big bars. A couple along the main road, and around the curve  by the harbor is the Tiki Bar across the road from the water. But despite not much of a water view, the opening and closing of this tiki bar are major annual events in Solomons.

Harbor-side of Solomons Island
View of the harbor-side of Solomons Island from the deck of the Lighthouse Restaurant & Dock Bar

That harbor on Back Creek is home to several marinas with an estimated 800 boat slips around the island.

A serious research facility, University of Maryland Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, is located on Solomons Island’s Back Creek, which is another beautiful water view.



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