St. Michaels -> Neavitt Landing Bike Route: Overview

The Ride:
  • Approx. 21 miles roundtrip
  • Length depends on where you park in St. Michaels
  • Easy

Bring your fat-tire bikes! This is a beautiful, cruising ride.

The St. Michaels to Neavitt cycling route takes you through Eastern Shore villages, past farmland and to the Neavitt Landing pier overlooking the north bank of the beautiful Choptank River.

And once you get to Neavitt Landing, plop down on a bench and enjoy the view or watch watermen come-and-go as they unload their oysters in the winter and blue crab in the summer.

The route is flat. You are on asphalt highways, but the main highway has wide shoulders and the road into Neavitt is not busy. This is not a scary highway to cycle on and the locals are used to bikes on the road. 

There’s not much else along the way except scenery. It’s peaceful and pastoral. Enjoy a picnic in the Neavitt city park before turning around and heading back to the bustling St. Michaels.

Route Details

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