This is a A-to-B route. Meaning you go back the same way you came. Take your time with it and look around.

Cow pasture outside Neavitt, MD
Cow pasture on bike route to Neavitt Landing at the Choptank River

Start in St. Michaels. Just pick your parking spot.

From St. Michaels, you head north/northwest on Route 33. Basically, you keep going on the road you came in on.

Turn left onto Route 579 (Bozman Neavitt Road). You’ll pedal through the tiny town of Bozman, past water-front farm land and into Neavitt.

Neavitt, Md, city park
Neavitt City Park, a good picnic spot before heading back to St. Michaels

But keep on going. On the other side of Neavitt, Route 579 turns into Long Point Road. Stay on Long Point Road by taking the left fork when it seems to want to turn into Elston Shore Road.

A few minutes past that, Long Point Road will make a right, but keep going straight and you’ll end up at Neavitt Landing.

Neavitt Landing is a working-man’s pier with a row of oyster/crabbing boats backed up to it on the weekends. The watermen fish the Chesapeake Bay for oysters in the winter and crabs in the summer.

Neavitt Landing pier on the north bank of the Choptank River
Neavitt Landing pier on the north bank of the Choptank River

Once you get on the route, you won’t find any convince stores or restaurants along the way. If you need provisions, pick them up in St. Michaels.

There’s a small, shady park in Neavitt for a picnic before you turn around and head back.

Route Overview