Get your summer ‘Farmers’ Market fix’ in. Seasonal produce is about to change.

Farmers markets across the Chesapeake Bay region will start running low soon on local tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelons. Picking season is coming toward the close for many of the summer produce while the Fall fruits and veggies are starting to come in.

Maryland's Best tweet

Maryland’s Best, a division of the Maryland Agriculture Department, also says watermelons are 93% harvested.

The USDA says 92% of potatoes are in, 88% of cucumbers and 75% of green beans have been harvested.

Meanwhile, apple season is getting underway with 28% in so far. USDA rates the Maryland apple crop as: 11% excellent, 83% good and only 5% fair.

Looks like the Fall seasonal produce is going to be good this year.

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