Tangier Island Restaurants


Ferries stop by twice a day, and that’s when the shops open. There’s not a lot of gift shops, but you’ll also find gifts available to purchase in the restaurants.

For those who boat in, be aware that shops close between ferry arrivals. Most restaurants close after “supper,” which runs from noon to about 5pm.

Tangier Island
Tangier Island

The island has no bar, nor do any of the establishments sell alcohol. Islanders aren’t teetotalers, but it’s kept discrete out of respect for others’ moral beliefs.

The island has a few B&B’s, no motels.  You’ll find several gift shops on Main near the boat landings. There are about a half-dozen restaurants specializing in seafood (but they also serve chicken, burgers & BBQ).

The island has one small grocery store, just big enough for the basic necessities.

Tangier Island market
Tangier Island’s only market. It’s a combination of grocery, hardware and sporting goods store. This is the locals’ quick pickup shop. There are other gift shops for tourists.

Locals say all restaurants have good crab cakes. They use fresh, local crabs. You rarely find shell, and the crab is tender and flakey. Locals are expert “pickers” and are proud to say they use only fresh crab, while mainland restaurants often mix in frozen crab.

This means Tangier Island crab cakes have smaller chunks than mainland versions.

Be patient with the restaurant staff. Help is limited on the island and only a few women typically work in each restaurant. There’s a rush when the ferries arrive.

All of the restaurants feature rural cooking in a homey setting. And islanders don’t generally recommend one over the other. You just need to pick the one that appeals to your tastes for the day you go there.

Lorraine’s specializes in fish platters, soft shelled crabs, crab cakes and cream of crab soup.

Lorraine's restaurant on Tangier Island
Lorraine’s restaurant has been featured in Southern Living magazine. The menu features Flat Iron Steak and Baked Manicotti. But its famous for Tangier-style (milk based) Cream of Crab Soup.

Fisherman’s Corner across the small street is known for crab cakes, flounder, stuffed shrimp, soft shelled crab tidbits and crab bisque.

Fisherman's Corner restaurant on Tangier Island
Fisherman’s Corner restaurant features local seafood prepared and serve by Tangier women using favorite island recipes. From crab cakes full of Chesapeake Bay crab meat to stuffed flounder, stuffed shrimp to our famous crab bisque.

Four Brothers Crabhouse has covered picnic tables for those wanting to pick crabs.

Four Brother's restaurant on Tangier Island
Four Brothers restaurant features crab cakes, shrimp salad, burgers, pizza, hot dogs, flatbread crab melt, pork BBQ, Italian hogies, Philly cheesesteaks. Also, more than 65 flavors of soft serve ice cream, sundaes, and shakes.

Chesapeake House has all-you-can-eat crab cakes and clam fritters served family style (sharing tables and dishes of food).

Chesapeake House on Tangier Island
Hilda’s Crockett’s Chesapeake House is one of the island’s oldest restaurants, started in 1939. It features home-cooked meals , which were, and still are, served “family style” including Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes.

There’s also the Waterfront Sandwich and Seafood Shop by the ferry. All serve non-seafood options.

The island is generally cash-based, but the restaurants accept credit and debit cards.

Be aware that you may find a shop that doesn’t take cards and the shopkeeper will then actually dash over to a restaurant to run the card.

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