Gary Oster’s dad retired and had to give up his fishing boat this past year, so Gary bought the boat — “Albert C” — and has been renovating it, which has been taking longer than expected. It’s been on the blocks for much of the summer. But during a family visit, he got ‘Albert C’ out of dry dock and into the water for a short spin around the Chesapeake Bay. Because while Dad gave up the boat, he didn’t give up fishing:

I took temporary delivery of ‘Albert C’ so my Dad could fish with my brother and me. It was our last chance this season before returning to his and mom’s new residence in West Palm Beach.
The boat was so much fun for the three of us with its modifications, structural improvements and functional enhancements.  Over the long weekend (Friday-Saturday-Sunday), we caught a lot of fish, had a lot of laughs and told plenty of stories.
Gary Oster & family fishing on the Severn River

(from left to right) Gary’s brother Scott, Gary’s dad Albert and Gary on the back of the ‘Albert C’ fishing boat

Fishing on the Severn River

Scott (standing) and Albert on the back of ‘Albert C’, fishing on the Severn River. Scott caught a catfish.

We steamed crabs on Sunday night. The crabs were caught using the carcasses of the fish we hooked earlier in the day.

Albert Oster with steamed crabs

Albert Oster showing his Chesapeake Bay crabs & beer. A proper meal after a day on the Bay.

Around 7:30pm, Dad took the helm of ‘Albert C’  to get her went back to Smith’s Marina — via Round Bay — where she’ll get a few final adjustments to the last renovation phase (which took six months, from January to July).
Following in the wake of my power boat, ‘Albert C’ looked like a little toy boat.
Albert C fishing boat in wake of other boat

Gary’s dad, Albert, trails the line of Gary’s cruiser as they take the little fishing boat back to its dock for more renovations

Gary will be sharing his story of The Final Renovation of Albert C. As soon as it’s complete.