Tips To Get Ready for Next Season’s Fishing

Here are a few recommendations for the Fall/Winter so you’re ready to start fishing in the Spring/Summer:

First, join MSSA (Maryland Saltwater Sportfishing Association). They have monthly meetings where they have guest anglers, charter captains, etc speak and teach new and experienced anglers how to have productive outings on the water. Definitely join and attend their Thursday evening seminars, especially during the winter.

Speaking of winter, be sure to attend fishing expo’s in January and February in Annapolis and Pasadena, both are very good/fun (also promoted through MSSA) and don’t forget to take your son (or daughter).

I would pick up one of these four books — or all four of them:

One other thought — Getting the latest fishing ‘intelligence’ is always a big help for the aspiring angler and it enhances success.  I follow two writers every week.  First, Keith Lockwood from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources produces a very good blog called the Maryland Weekly Fishing Report.  It covers not only the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries but bodies of water throughout the state.  Next up, follow Chris Dollar in the Annapolis newspaper, The Evening Capital. He writes a very informative fishing column on Thursday’s and Sunday’s.  He also runs a VERY good kayak fishing guide service.  You might want to hire him a few times to show you the ropes.

Here is some friendly ‘just starting out’ advice: be patient and consider giving yourself a few annual goals such as…

  • Know how to locate/catch perch and pickerel in 2016
  • Become an accomplished light tackle angler in a river or creek near you by 2017
  • Bring home a trophy rockfish in spring and become competent at trolling, jigging, chumming, live lining and chunking in 2018
  • Know how, where and when to fish, what to use so you can significantly increase your ‘catch rate by 2019
  • Consistently maintain a full freezer of fish by 2020

I try to always be on the water when I am not working, so if you see this (see below) 21.5 Steiger Craft, flag me down and introduce yourself. Ask me if I am having any luck!

Gary Oster on his fishing boat
Gary Oster on his fishing boat

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