Top Baby Names in Maryland & Virginia. They’re very different.

Lots of Noah’s and Olivia’s were born in Maryland last year. Liam and Ava were also popular.

The Social Security Administration compiled the top baby names in every state. They’ve been keeping track since 1960. Four years ago, Noah was #4 and Jacob was the most popular boy’s name. Ten years ago, it was Michael, the same #1 name of 1960.

Mary was tops on the girls’ list four years ago and Olivia didn’t even make the top 100. As with the boys, the top girl’s name in 2010 was the same as in 1960

Virginians preferred William for boys and Emma for girls. Liam came in second, the same as Maryland, while Olivia was in the #2 spot in Virginia.

Top Ten baby names in Maryland
Top ten baby names in Maryland last year. See the full list of Maryland names compiled by the Social Security Administration.
Top ten baby names in Virginia in 2014
Top ten baby names in Virginia for 2014. See entire top 100 in Virginia as compiled by the Social Security Administration

Huffington Post created a map and broke it down by the top baby’s name in each state. Pennsylvania likes Mason for boys and Emma for girls. Noah and Emma were the most popular nationwide.

They even looked at which names are storming up the list. Aranza made the biggest leap in popularity last year, jumping up 3,625 spots to #607 on the list. We have no idea of how to pronounce that one. And as for boys, Bode jumped farthest, from #1428 to #783. While Bently fell most in popularity nationwide for boys and Miley for girls.

SSA keeps track of Social Security card applications for births. And the 2014 numbers are from Social Security card records as of the end of February 2015.

Popular names keep changing. SSA says the name James, ranked as the most popular male name over the last 100 years, has been ranked as low as number 19. Similarly, the most popular female name in the table, Mary, ranked as low as 121.

Here’s the SSA countdown video of top baby names nationwide in 2014:


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