Vandals Trash Thomas Point Lighthouse. Police on Lookout.

Sometime during a weekend in mid-April, somebody illegally boarded the 140-year-old, restored Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse and had a party destroying parts of it. Maryland Natural Resources Police are looking for the who.

The National Historic Landmark is open now only for tours and special events. The nation’s only screw pile lighthouse still at it’s original location is owned by the City of Annapolis, operated by the Annapolis Maritime Museum and maintained by volunteers. It’s reachable only by boat. The vandal(s) kicked out hand-cut railing pickets that ringed the lighthouse, broke windows and set off the fire extinguishers. NRP say the damage was extensive. 

The six-sided lighthouse is a favorite mark for Chesapeake Bay boaters. Its at the end of a shoal near the entrance to the Severn River on the way to Annapolis from the Chesapeake Bay. Boaters mainly use GPS now to find the submerged rocks, but captains still use the lighthouse as a long-distance visual to show them how far they are from their end point for the day.

And now…

Maryland DNR Wanted Poster for Thomas Point Lighthouse vandals

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