For a moment, forget about the why and take a moment to just accept that the Earth’s polar ice caps are melting.

National Geographic took it a step further and asked scientists what the world would look like if ALL the ice melted.

They figure the sea level would rise 216 feet. And the Chesapeake Bay would be gone, along with Florida and New Orleans and a lot of California.

As Forbes’ Trevor Nace reports, all the ice melting on Earth includes mountain snowpack, glaciers, ice sheets along with ice on lakes and oceans. And then they assume that all that water drains into the ocean and doesn’t stay in lakes or rivers.

It’s not predicted to happen any time soon. Melting gets dire maybe in 2050. Between now and then, the shifts in land and economic winners-and-losers, as a result, are what’s scaring people who study these things.

However, now, today, it’s a great “What if…” question.