Here’s what the islanders recommend that you don’t forget:

The first thing mainlanders need on Smith Island is patience. They move about on their schedule, which is much slower and easy-going than the mainland.

You’ll need binoculars to see the many waterfowl, wading birds, shore birds, herons and brown pelicans.

You can see the Martin National Wildlife Refuge in the distance from the boat. You’ll also pass Goat Island. Goats were released on the island 20 years ago. Now, there’s a herd of about 20 goats.

Sunscreen, sunglasses and insect repellent are also a good idea.

There’s not much shade on that island as you walk about; don’t forget a hat.

And of course, bring your camera.

Cash is appreciated, and bring it with you. At last check, there’s not an ATM on the island. And not all shops have credit/debit card readers. You may have to wait while they run down the road to a neighbor business that does credit.

Smith Island Life

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